Leave it to us to help you with your regional revitalization efforts .

Dear Sirs, I wish you all the best in your future.

We will use our experience to revitalize the regions that we request and shine a light on the future, and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

We appreciate your understanding and support.


Representative Director and President
 Takashi Arita


Name (furigana)   Takashi Arita

Affiliation/Title    President, KOI Planning Hometown Revitalization Research Institute

Specialized field    Customer attraction strategy formulation / Regional economic circulation / DMO operation / Human resource development / Travel product creation / Utilization of local industrial resources / Sales channels and product distribution

Available inbound Europe, America, Australia / Other Asia

Specialties      [Travel product creation, sales channels/product distribution] [Human resource development]


Joined Hiroshima Kanko Co., Ltd. and held positions including Miyoshi Sales Office Manager, Real Estate Sales Section Manager, Group Sales Section Manager, and Planning Section Manager. He planned and implemented many innovative sponsored trips that utilized local resources, increasing demand for bus tours to and from Hiroshima.

He will also work on the development of regional promotion-type tourism products in collaboration with prefectures, municipalities, etc., such as the “Hiroshima Hometown Rediscovery Tour” and the “Yamanami Route Bus.”

As a tourism development advisor for Shimane Prefecture, he has given many lectures related to “tourism promotion” in various municipalities in Shimane Prefecture, and has many fans due to his harsh but accurate comments and friendly advice.

He is also a tourism advisor for Hiroshima Prefecture, and also works as a lecturer for Miyoshi City, Shobara City, Jinseki Kogen Town, Onomichi Shimanami Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Sanko Line Usage Promotion Liaison Council.

He concurrently serves as a director of Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd. and director of the Regional Development Center. He serves as Regional Development Event Convention Director Center Director.
Since 2011, he has been working as an FM Chupie personality.

In March 2015, he left Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd.


Hiroden Kanko Co., Ltd. Planning and Sales Manager Transfer due to merger


Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Director Regional Development Center Director

[From 2015]

Established KOI Kikaku Hometown Revitalization Research Institute and assumed the position of Chairman and Representative Director.

Activities of committee members, etc.


Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry Industrial Tourism Promotion Liaison Committee Member of the
Seto Inland Sea Route Study Committee Member
of the Chugoku Development Bureau “Committee to consider easy-to-understand road guidance” Member
of the Hiroshima Prefecture Seijo Town Council Proposal Formulation Committee


Regional materials and national exam instructor at Hiroshima Municipal Hiroshima Commercial High School

Management philosophy

・Rewards are earned by digging up authentic materials that exist in the region and selling them accurately based on our rich experience.

・We sincerely hope for regional revitalization and bring light to the future and dreams of living in the regions we have contracts with as customers.

– Constantly exchange information within the company and aim to steadily earn profits.

Management Vision

・As an expert with many years of experience, we also promote business that earns customer trust.

・Connect trust based on track record to next sales

・Our goal is to operate the organization permanently and build relationships with local governments across the country.

・Based on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and company satisfaction

Company Profile

Company name:       KOI Planning Hometown Revitalization Institute

Business contentGeneral  operations related to regional development

Representative Director   and President Takashi Arita

Location      Head Office: 6th floor, Kurita Building, 4-24 Nakakocho, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Date of establishment    January 7, 2015

Capital      10 million yen

Fiscal year end      March

Major banks   Hiroshima City Credit Union Head Office Sales Department, Hiroshima Bank Head Office Sales Department, Sanin Godo Bank Hiroshima Branch

Main clients:    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, cities, towns, local tourism associations, various councils, etc., domestic and international travel agencies

Business content   

◆Regional consulting

 Comprehensive regional consulting including internal and external human resource development, organization of regional materials, dissemination of regional information, etc. in hospitality training, etc.

◆Dispatch of human resources such as instructors

 Dispatch of full-time instructors for training, etc.

◆General operations related to regional sales

 Sales of regional facilities such as tourist facilities, schools, and hospitals, and regional specialties produced and processed locally, both within and outside the region.

◆Regional specialty development plan proposal

◆Local information dissemination work

 Advertising planning, information magazine creation, event promotion planning assistance