Mainly community-based broadcasting, we conduct FM broadcasting (FM Chupee) that is listened to by a wide range of age groups, not only within Hiroshima city, but also people from within the prefecture, outside the prefecture, and overseas.

FM Chupee

FM broadcasting (76.2MHz) operated by Chugoku Newspaper Group’s Chugoku Communication Network Co., Ltd.

Program name

“Ari-chan’s My Town Cheer Team”

・Personalities Yoko Hagiwara and Arita will introduce the charms of the area with a light rhythm.

・You can either appear in a studio or by phone. Please talk to the two personalities in a normal conversational tone. Please be proud of your store, area, products, etc.

・This is a live broadcast of approximately 10 minutes.

Companies that actually participated in the live broadcast

This time, “Ari-chan’s My Town Cheer Team” participated in “Nukui Dam Resort,” a glamping facility with a panoramic view of the Nukui Dam in Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, and a nearby auto camp with a private wood-burning sauna. Junichiro Hashimoto (far right of the image) is the manager of the venue “Chauna CAMP”.

It was a tense scene to be appearing on the radio, but the light-hearted talk and conversation of personalities Seiko Hagiwara (far left in the image) and Arita (second from the right in the image) created a relaxed mood that eased the tension, and the local community The charm of the world was conveyed.

We will start by talking about seasonal topics, and we will continue to talk about what is being done at glamping facilities and campgrounds, what can be enjoyed at facilities that are just approaching autumn leaves, and when is the best time to see them.

Towards the end of the radio show, when Arita suddenly asked, “Do you have a gift for the listeners?” Mr. Hashimoto made a big deal and said, “We’re giving away accommodation to a total of 10 people in two pairs.”

The studio was surprised by the surprising content, but this may be due to the atmosphere of radio.

After the radio show ended, Mr. Hashimoto said, “I think I said something really amazing…” and immediately checked with the staff just to be sure, and it was OK to go ahead with it.

Of course, we took into consideration the capacity when responding, but the radio broadcast had the atmosphere of giving a gift that exceeded expectations.

We will spread the word about the charm of the area in a calm atmosphere even if it is your first time, and we will broadcast it widely to new customers.
Radio broadcasting allows you to have the valuable experience of changing from being a listener to being a broadcaster, so please use it as an opportunity to spread your charm and get to know more people.

Broadcasting costs

Broadcast appearance fee (1 time)

40,000 yen (excluding tax)

– Same price for phone calls and studio appearances.

・If you have a present for listeners, please help us.

studio location

9th floor, Chugoku Shimbun Head Office Building, Hiroshima City


KOI Planning Hometown Revitalization Research Institute

TEL / 082-542-2777

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