We support producers of local specialty products to expand their sales channels and gain recognition through the “Freight/Passenger Consolidation Business” run by our business partner, Hiroshima Bus Center Co., Ltd.

What is cargo/passenger consolidation business?

Utilizing the luggage space of express buses that depart from and arrive at Hiroshima Bus Center, which mainly connect various regions, we transport regional specialties such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, and processed products, and sell them at our directly managed stores (Bus Multi Store). By doing so, we aim to expand the sales channels for specialty products and improve the efficiency of the bus business.

Sales flow

① Producers load their products onto the bus

② Highway bus will take you to Hiroshima Bus Center


③ Bus center staff will receive the product.

④ Sell at the bus center

⑤ The amount after deducting the sales commission and miscellaneous expenses from the sales amount will be transferred to the producer.

Business undertaken by our company

・Proposals for local specialties from Shimane Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, and each municipality in neighboring prefectures (intermediation with producers and product purchasing)

・Coordination of settlement and transportation between producers and bus operators

・Request for cooperation from local governments and mass media


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