Highlights of Sera tour

① See the shoes of famous athletes and experience zazen in front of a dry landscape garden

Runners from all over the country come to Shuzen-in Temple, which is dedicated to Idaten, the god of running, to meditate. You will see the dedicated shoes of famous athletes, experience zazen in front of a dry landscape garden, and then take a break with matcha tea and Japanese sweets.

② Visit a flower farm at its best in Sera Kogen

You can admire seasonal flowers at one of the largest flower farms in Japan, which is visited by about 300,000 people a year.

③ Relaxing and Elegant Transportation by Chartered Car

You will be traveling by a chartered car, accompanied by a Hiroshima prefectural Government Licensed guide interpreter.

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Schedule (Itinerary)

*Times may vary depending on road conditions, etc.

8:00 Departing from Hiroshima Station Please gather at the Hiroshima Station North Exit
(Hotel Granvia Hiroshima Station North Exit entrance, “tourist taxi stand”) by 7:50.
From Hiroshima IC, head to Sera Town via the expressway.
From the Hiroshima city, you can enjoy the scenery that gradually becomes greener and greener.

Map URL:https://goo.gl/maps/1uPvAePcMDrf8nqp6

Sera Kogen FarmSera Kogen is dotted with popular flower farms such as “Sera Kogen Farm” and
“Flower Dream Village.”
We will guide you to a flower farm that is at its best each season.


Click here for the Sera Kogen Farm introduction page
Rinzai Buddhism Buttsuji School
The chief priest will talk about shoes dedicated by top athletes such as Olympic medalists.
Also, after experiencing zazen in front of the dry landscape garden, you will take a break with matcha and the local famous sweet “Idaten Manju”.


Click here for the introduction page of “Rinzai Buddhism Buttsuji School Shuzenin”
Sera tofu shop
Sera main store
You will enjoy a set meal made with rich tofu made with Sera’s natural water
. You can also purchase tofu sweets such as soymilk soft-serve ice cream and soy milk latte.

                       ※Image is for illustrative purposes only

Click here for the introduction page of Sera’s Tofu Shop Sera Main Store
Roadside Station SeraYou can enjoy shopping for local products from Sera, which has a thriving agricultural industry. We also sell “Idaten Manju”.

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16:00Hiroshima stationArrival/Dissolution

*Times may vary depending on road conditions, etc.


Travel fee (tax included)

24,000 yen / 1 person

Minimum number of participants/5 people ●Maximum Capacity/8 people

*A tour conductor will not accompany you. A Hiroshima prefecture regional guide interpreter will accompany you.


Please select the date you would like to attend from the calendar below and proceed to the “Reservation page” to make a reservation.

If you select “Narrow down” on the top right of the calendar → “Menu” in the second row of items → “Zazen experience & flower garden walk and tofu lunch at a temple in Sera Town”, only the dates listed in this plan will be displayed.

Common information

*Before applying, please be sure to check the information listed below.

1. About application
  A minimum of 1 person can apply for this tour. The event will be canceled if the minimum number of participants (5 people) is not reached.
  A Hiroshima prefecture regional interpreter guide will accompany you on the tour.

2. About travel fees
  Travel fees are the fees listed under Travel Fees in this catalog. The travel fee includes “transportation costs during the tour, entrance fees for each facility, experience fees, guide fees, lunch fees (excluding some products), and taxes.” 

3. Regarding meals
  Additional charges will apply for orders other than meals provided on the tour. If you wish to change the menu due to religious reasons, allergies, etc., please let us know at the time of tour reservation. Depending on the content, we may not be able to respond or may incur additional charges.

 4. Regarding rainy weather
  In case of light rain, the tour will be held, so please bring rain gear. In case of inclement weather, the event will be canceled the day before. 

5. Regarding children’s participation
  Children are welcome to participate, but please be careful not to disturb other guests in the facility. Regarding meals, we will also provide the same content to children. 

6. About smoking
  Smoking is prohibited inside each facility and vehicle.

*Created based on information as of August 1, 2023. When concluding a travel contract, we cannot rely solely on the information provided on this page. Regarding the contents and conditions of the travel contract, we will conclude the travel contract after we have informed you of the travel conditions (full text) that will be provided separately.

Cancellation fee

If a travel contract is concluded and the contract is canceled due to the customer’s convenience, the following amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

When concluding a travel contract, we do not rely solely on the guidance provided by this catalog.
The details and conditions of the travel contract will be finalized after we have informed you of the travel conditions (full text) that will be provided separately.

Cancellation fee (per person)
20 days to 11 days beforefree
10 days to 8 days before20% of the travel fee
7 days to 2 days before30% of travel fee
The day before40% of the travel fee
On the day50% of the travel fee
After departure100% of travel fee

If the customer requests to change the course or departure date within 20 days from the departure date, the above cancellation fee will apply.

Travel planning and implementation

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