KOI Planning Hometown Revitalization Research Institute

sales manager

Takashi Arita


6th floor, Kurita Building, 4-24 Ko-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima 730-0021

telephone number


Site URL

[Our official website]  https://koi-kikaku.com/en

[Tour reservation]  https://reserva.be/koikikaku/

contact address

MAIL: info@koi-kikaku.com

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Delivery period of products (tours) etc.

When you visit the travel tour you applied for.

Payment method at time of reservation

・Payment method: Advance credit card payment only
・Payment period: The date of each card company’s withdrawal.

cancellation policy

On the day: 50% of the price
1 day before: 40% of the price
2 days before: 30% of the price
8 days before: 20% of the price
9 days before: 20% of the price
10 days before: 20% of the price

Regarding the contents and conditions of the travel contract, we will conclude the travel contract after we have informed you of the travel conditions (full text) that will be provided separately. If a travel contract is concluded and the contract is canceled due to the customer’s convenience, the following amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

・20 days to 11 days before / Free
・10 days to 8 days before / 20% of the travel fee
・7 days to 2 days before / 30% of the travel fee
・The day before / 40% of the travel fee
・On the day / 50% of the travel fee %
・After departure / 100% of the travel fee

*If the customer applies and changes the course or departure date within 20 days from the departure date, the above cancellation fee will apply.

Even after a travel contract has been concluded, our company may be subject to natural disasters, wars, riots, suspension of travel services provided by travel service providers, orders from public offices, provision of transportation services that are not in accordance with the original operation plan, etc. In the event that an unavoidable reason arises, if it is unavoidable in order to ensure the safe and smooth implementation of the trip, we will cancel without collecting any fees as per the cancellation policy.

If you pay by debit card, the cost will be returned to your credit card company at a later date.